Thursday, January 21, 2010

Answered Prayers

I am extremely thankful today for all of my answered prayers. It seems Haylee is feeling more comfortable in her new room and is converting back to her good sleeping habits. Knock on wood. This past week and a half have been very difficult and trying on my emotions. There were days where I'd just sit and cry because I was so stressed that this would continue on and I was worried that things would just be chaos when Natalee arrived.

I had enough when I was having to sit in her room for an hour and 45 minutes till she fell asleep at night. Tuesday for nap I locked her door as a last resort. I knew this was the only thing I had left to try. She screamed and threw a fit for about 45 minutes then went to sleep. That night, it was a little worse. She threw a fit and screamed for about an hour and 15 minutes. I almost caved in so many times and I'm so glad I didn't. It broke my heart to hear her say, "I miss my Mommy so much. Please come cuddle with me just a couple minutes." What I would have given to just go in there and hold her but I knew if I did my efforts would be down the drain. That night she woke up once. I put her back in bed and left. She screamed for about 5 minutes and was out. Yesterday was so much better. I had to lock the door at nap again but she only cried about 10 minutes before falling asleep. Last night the door remained unlocked all night!!!! Josh put her down and she did the usually, scream and run for the door as he left. He put the gate up and explained he would leave the door unlocked as long as she didn't climb the gate or knock it down and as long as she got back in bed and went to sleep. After about 10 minutes, she shut her door, got in bed and went to sleep. She woke once 7 1/2 hours later but didn't scream when I tucked her in and left the room. She went back to sleep and I didn't hear another word till morning (almost 4 hours later). So we are making progress and I hope things continue to go better.

I know there will always be "bumps" in the road but so far we've always gotten over them. It takes a lot of patience (which I unfortunately don't really have) and a lot of prayers.

In other news, I can't believe January is almost over. I haven't even attempted to follow through with any New Year resolutions. With a sick husband, sick kid, and lack of sleep things have just been crazy. I was able to give my blog a makeover which was so important, ya know. But the couple resolutions I made haven't been accomplished yet. Good thing it's just the beginning of the year.

I'm in the middle of making a blog book with all the posts and pictures from last year. What a task! I hope it turns out adorable.

More to come soon......


Jennie said...

Glad Haylee is getting better with the big-girl bed. I was worried we'd have to call in Super Nanny for you :) Love your blog tweaks - looks great!

the Picketts said...

like the new blog look- super cute! sorry sleep times have been so crazy, but i've known many a parent to lock their kids in their rooms to get them to stay in and sleep there- it'll get better- just stay strong! It'll be my turn soon, i'm sure:)