Thursday, January 28, 2010


Mommy: "Haylee put your Daisy big girl panties back on?"

Haylee: "No, I want to put Minnie ones on."

Mommy: "No, you can wear the same ones. You don't need a different pair. Mommy wears the same pair all day and Daddy wears the same pair all day..."

Haylee: "Daddy doesn't wear Daisy panties all day!"

Mommy: "No, he doesn't."

Haylee: "He wears Minnie panties all day."

That I want to see.


Jody said...

Um, just visualizing Josh in Minnie pants is kinda traumatizing. =)
Not sure what is worse- Minnie pants, or Daddy's A** ="Daddy get a bath"?? ROFL

Shelley said...

LMBO. I totally forgot about the Daddy's A**. Haylee sure is a crack up.