Sunday, January 24, 2010

Family Time

I was glad to finally leave the house this weekend after staying inside most of last week. Saturday morning Josh and I went to breakfast and finally got to see The Blind Side. We have been trying to see this movie for weeks but it has never worked out. I thought it was a great movie and the fact that it is a true story made it even better. Just seeing how one family can make such a huge difference in a persons life. Wonderful movie!

That night I had a girls night out while Josh and Haylee had father/daughter time. Us girls ate at Toby Keith's then headed to the Suns game. I'll save all the details, but 2 1/2 hours after leaving the game (and getting pulled over by the cops) we finally got home. I was exhausted. Meanwhile, Josh and Haylee seem to have had a more pleasant evening. Josh took Haylee to the mall and she got to ride the carousel 3 times (the eagle, gorilla and reindeer), go to the pet store, play in the play area, eat dinner at Chick-Fil-A, and then Daddy bought her a cookie and orange julius before heading home. I just think Josh is such a wonderful Dad!

Haylee is still going to bed very good at night. Sometimes she whines a little but calms down quickly after we leave her room and she stays in her bed. The last 3 nights she has slept straight thru till morning, usually 7am or later. I always tell her not to get out of bed till she sees the sun come out.

We have changed around our night time routine in order to make things easier and hopefully keep Haylee sleeping better. We start around 6:30, playing games and giving Haylee our undivided attention. This is our family time. Then at 7:00 she gets her bath. 7:30 we watch a short Mickey (or whatever Haylee chooses) movie and cuddle in our bed. We try to have her in bed by 8:30. I'll read her some books, Josh stays in there to cuddle a little longer, and then we leave and usually she'll fall asleep right around 9:00. This schedule has been working great. She would always cry that she wants to cuddle when we were leaving the room so we make sure she gets a lot of attention and cuddle time before bed now. I haven't heard any excuses lately either ("I need to go poo poo and pee pee") which has been nice.

Haylee loves her new elephant game.

Nap time has been going great too. She usually just sleeps one hour but it's enough to give her a rest yet she's up by 1:30-2:00 so she can be awake long enough to be tired again by bed time. Haylee hasn't been on a strict schedule for quite some time, but after the "issues" we had, I'm trying to keep things the same to help her (and me) and make things go more smoothly.

I really hope my good sleeper is back. I still can't sleep soundly at night because I'm on edge waiting for her to wake up screaming. Ugh! I'll never take Haylee being a good sleeper for granted again. Just when all of our sleep issues are resolved, Natalee will be here and I'll be up all night again. Oh the joys of being a Mom!