Monday, November 23, 2009

It's A....

Sweet Little Girl!!!! Natalee is set to make her debut around May 2nd. We feel so blessed to be adding another girl to our family. As of yesterdays ultrasound everything is looking great! She seems to be a healthy little one, measuring and developing right on track. She is currently .40lbs. and 6.50" long. We saw her waving her little arm around a flipping all over. One minute she would be face down and the next she flips to her side.

Haylee is already the proud big sister. She enjoyed calling some of her relatives to share, "I'm having a little sister!" It was the cutest thing I've heard. We took her to Babies R Us to pick out a couple outfits and she was in heaven. She picked up outfit after outfit saying, "ohhh" and "this is for baby sister." I hope she's as excited when Natalee arrives!

So now begins the planning. Where will Haylee sleep? Where will Natalee sleep? How will we set up the rooms? We've been holding off till we found out what we are having but now the new year will bring some decorating and rearraging in our home-I'm so excited!!!