Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Festivities

We all had a wonderful Halloween. It started last Wednesday when we carved Haylee's pumpkin. She chose the design this year and wanted a cat on a moon. At first she wasn't sure about the guts inside the pumpkin but after awhile she was anxious to get it out all by herself. (Which by the way is her favorite phrase. We always hear, "I do it alllll myself!")

This is the pumpkin Haylee picked out for her little brother/sister.
After the guts were out, Haylee had to patiently wait for Daddy to carve out her design. It turned out adorable and Haylee was so excited. So couldn't wait to get her picture taken in her costume with her pumpkin.

Friday night we went to our ward Trunk or Treat. This was Haylee's first experience but she picked up the routine real fast. She was hesitant at first and didn't want to go up to anyone who wore a scary costume but she had fun. After we left there we went to Chris's Haunted Graveyard. The girls weren't too sure about the scary decorations but they did good. Chris did an awesome job and the set up was amazing.

Saturday we took Haylee trick or treating in our neighborhood. We would walk up to a house, I would ring the doorbell and Haylee would knock, and when they opened the door she would forget how to say trick or treat and just held out her bag. It cracked me up. She did good remembering the "thank you" and "bye bye" though! She saw so many dogs and would be so excited to pet them that she could careless that someone was giving her candy. She even did great walking around all night and didn't want Daddy to hold her at all. We did our side of the neighbor and went back home but Haylee was ready for more so we did the other side of our street and called it a night. By that time Haylee was worn out and wanted some candy. The first thing she picked was a peanut butter cup.

So all in all Halloween was lots of fun. Haylee had a blast and loved wearing her costume. If only I could get her to take it off now that Halloween is over!


The Gotzingers said...

Those costumes are to die for. So stinkin cute!!