Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

Just like every year, my mom and I were up at 4am to hit the stores on Black Friday! It's a tradition we started years ago and every year we think we are crazy for being a part of the chaos. This year we toned things down A LOT! We only went to 2 stores because there just wasn't anything we really needed/wanted. That's not to say Josh and I didn't hit a few more stores throughout the day. I love the great deals and the adrenalin rush as I search for my stuff amongst hundreds of people. It's awesome. This year my deal of the day was this new complete bed set for Haylee's new big girl bed.

It was normally $99.99 and I got it for about $17 at Kohl's. This was the most important thing on my list this year. It wasn't easy to get though. I waited in line for about 30 minutes and when I got to the register I realized the one I had was for a Full size bed. I guess I just figured the kid's bedding would be twin. Anyway, they didn't have a Twin in the store and I was mega bummed. So, that's when Josh and I decided to hit another Kohl's and they had a some. I was so excited. Until I had to wait in line for another 45 minutes. Never fails-only at Kohl's do they have 12 registers and a million people in the store.

It seems like more people are getting in the game on Black Friday because I have never seen so many people in my life at Walmart trying to check out with loaded carts. But like most of the time, I got everything I went after and I had a blast. Black Friday 2009 = another successful (way toned down) shopping day.