Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Easter 2014

Hard to believe Easter was almost a month ago. I have been slacking with my blogging but I hope to get caught up and stay that way. I have a couple years worth of blogging to turn into books still. There's just not enjoy hours in the day.

Back to Easter. Josh and I took the girls' to the STV Farmer's Market & Bazaar. What a joke. They got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny and rode the train.

When the EB went to get on the train his head almost fell off. The look I saw on one girls' face was priceless. It was like the moment she realized the EB isn't real :( I'm pretty sure our girls' saw it too but didn't say anything.
And if they still believed after that, they had no reason to after seeing the EB at our community egg hunt.
WOW! The community has got to upgrade the costume. It's BAD! The girls each got a few eggs during the hunt at the park and then we went back to Grandma's to dye eggs.
The girls had fun and it's funny to see their lack of patience when deciding the eggs are colored enough and want to move on to the next. Not sure where the lack of patience comes from.....
Everyone came over for dinner and it was super yummy. I made fun of Mom for trying new recipes but surprisingly, most of it was delicious. I love big dinners like we have at the holidays. We need to do it more often.
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Sam and Mat brought a pinata over and the girls had a blast beating the EB!
Then it was time for an egg hunt at Grandma's!
After that we played board games, hung out and played Just Dance on the wii. Dakota partied right along with us all night. Lot's of fun!!!!
And that was just Saturday night.....Sunday the girls woke up to baskets overflowing with stuff. Books, puzzles, kites, jump ropes, sunglasses, tattoos, bandaids, hats and candy to name a few things.
Kona also got her very first Easter basket and she loved her little bunny.
The girls did an egg hunt first and then we tried to see if Kona was as smart as Jackson and could find eggs, open them (without breaking the plastic) and eat the treat. Surprisingly, she did it! I swear she is Jackson's twin sister. So many similarities.
That afternoon we took the girls to Outback since kids ate free and then we went to see Rio 2. It was a wonderful weekend spent with family.