Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Our Spring Break was boring low key this year. We did just get back from a cruise. I'm sure the girls' favorite part of break was they had a slumber party in Haylee's room every night. My not so favorite part was they woke up at 6:30 everyday. At least they played nicely together for an hour or so. So we'll start with last Saturday...

We went to the park for Hunter's Birthday and the girls had a blast playing with their cousins.

Sunday we went to the Ostrich Festival which is always a fun time. We watched the ostrich races, which are my favorite and ate yummy fry bread and a corn dog.
The girls and I went to the petting zoo and the girls loved feeding all the cute animals.
The girls each rode a few rides, we walked around the booths a little bit and then it was getting hot so we left.
It was a really fun day though and beautiful weather most of the day.

Monday was spring cleaning day. We cleaned and organized Haylee's entire room. I packed away both girls' winter clothes and got out their summer clothes and we're now ready for this warmer weather.

Tuesday we made some cute St Patrick's Day crafts.
Wednesday Haylee had a dentist appointment for a cleaning. She has a little bump on her gum as a result of her last filling so she has to get that tooth removed. Since it's their fault we don't have to pay but I'd still rather her not have to have her cute little Princess teeth pulled.
Thursday we went to Aunt Roxie's for about an hour. We brought her flowers and M&M's and the girls didn't want to sit still for 2 seconds while we chatted. Imagine that. The girls and I ate lunch at Red Robin and then we went to Chandler Mall to play in the play area, go to the Disney Store and get yummy Orange Julius's.

Friday my Mom took the day off work so she took Haylee out for a day of fun with Grandma. Haylee planned the whole day- lunch at Serrano's (which Natalee, Danielle and I joined them) then they went to see Mr Peabody and Sherman, got frozen yogurt, Happy Meal at McDonald's, played Princess Dominos with Grandma, took a nap and had Grandma read her books. She got to spend the night at Grandma's and go with her to the store the next day. Haylee enjoyed every single second of her Grandma time :) Natalee gets her day with Grandma next month and she's already started making her list too!
Friday night I went with Jody to a Origami Owl party. I got my mom her Mother's Day gift, she's been wanting a locket with charms and had given me her wish list.

Saturday Josh went golfing with Justin and then that night was our monthly family dinner and game night. Dustin & Hannah, Danielle & Hector, my Mom and the 4 of us had spaghetti, salad and garlic bread with cheesecake for dessert. We celebrated Danielle's Birthday since she's the only March Birthday, Dustin jumped on the trampoline with the girls and we played Uno. I love our family nights.

Sunday was a Girls (Adult) Day. Danielle, my Mom and I went shopping and to lunch at Chili's.  I didn't find anything at Kohl's this time but I found plenty at Costco and finished up shopping for the gender reveal. It was a nice, peaceful day. Meanwhile at home, Josh and the girls spent time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. The girls played while Josh pulled weeds and cleaned up the backyard. He also did all the laundry! I should leave every Sunday for 8 hours :)

I had my first encounter with a scorpion last week too. Surprisingly, living in AZ all my life, I've never seen a scorpion. We opened a case of GS cookies at the last booth and out it crawled giving Heidi and I a heart attack. The next hour and a half I swear I kept feeling something crawl on me. Yikes!
And here are the other 2 girls in the house. Kona always tries to steal Charlotte's strawberries. Other than that (and occasionally nudging her over outside) Kona is doing so much better with her. When Charlotte is inside she pretty much ignores her. Taking Charlotte outside is a different story.