Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sweet Haylee

During our 2nd day in Maui Haylee started acting "different". It started with her saying "I don't know if_______" like "I don't know if I saw the turtle", "I don't know if I saw the boat", "I don't know if I took my nail polish off" etc. Then she started asking "is it ok if I _______" before she did anything. "Is it ok if I touch my hair", "is it ok if I do this" as she touches something and she'd do this over and over. I was worried sick and just wanted to come home. I thought maybe when we were home and she was back in her routine of going to school she'd quit. As soon as we got home I took her to Phoenix Children's Urgent Care to make sure she wasn't dehydrated or anything serious. I was told she wasn't dehydrated, it was 100% not a brain tumor and physically she looked marvelous. He recommended having her see a Psychologist. Fast forward a week, she did fine at school, didn't ask her teacher any questions but now that it's fall break it's gotten worse. Her primary care doctor referred us to a Psychologist and as I explained Haylee's symptoms and how she is acting she said she wanted blood work done as soon as possible to rule out strep in the bloodstream. This is not the same as a throat swab for strep. She said just this month she has talked to 3 other parents who's child had a sudden onset of OCD symptoms that sounds just like what is going on with Haylee and it is known to be linked to strep in the bloodstream. Haylee wouldn't have any symptoms of strep or feel sick but it's in her blood most likely from when she had strep last. Although her primary doctor didn't feel this blood test was necessary she gave me the lab paper to have it done. I don't think she is getting the information correctly relayed to her or maybe isn't familiar with the connection of strep and sudden OCD symptoms.
She got her blood taken this morning and we are praying the test comes back positive because with antibiotics her symptoms will stop once she is fully treated. This is definitely the easy fix. If it comes back negative, it will be considered behavioral and we will move forward with the Psychologist (and I will lose it).
I was told not to try to correct her because she can't control it. It is heartbreaking to watch her struggle and go through this everyday. My heart is just broken and I have been a wreck these past 2 weeks. Sometimes I get a glimpse of my "old Haylee" with a big smile and her belly laugh but most of the time she looks emotionless.
I ask each and everyone who reads this to please say a prayer for my sweet little girl. I am worried sick.