Thursday, October 24, 2013

Natalee's Horrible Month

Haylee wasn't the only one having a rough time the last month or so. Little Natalee had persistent strep and an ear infection that didn't want to go away. In fact, the psychologists thinks Haylee's OCD episode was triggered by Natalee having strep right before Maui.

It started the 9/9 when Natalee had strep. She was put on amoxicillin. While still on that antibiotic I took her in 9/19 for her well check and she had an ear infection. She was given cefdinir the day before we left for Maui. And I have to note that she always seemed to be better while on these antibiotics. Then shortly after we came back from Maui and just a day or 2 after she finished antibiotic #2 she started running a fever. Back to the doctor 10/4 and they discovered she had strep AND an ear infection. She was given clarithromycin and so far she seems to be doing good. We were referred to an ENT last week and he said he throat looks awesome, not red at all, but her ear still had a little fluid. He said it's not considered an ear infection so he put her on an antihistamine for 3 weeks to see if that will dry up the fluid. We go back in a couple weeks to have her rechecked and if there is still fluid present she will most likely have to get tubes.

If it's not one thing, it's another. I'm not even sure how I survived the past few weeks. But by the grace of God I'm alive and I feel so blessed to have 2 sweet, beautiful, healthy (for now) little girls.