Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vegas {Mom's B-day}

I can't believe it's been a week already since we got home from Vegas, time just keeps on flying. So we had an uneventful ride to Vegas, my Mom, Hannah, me and the girls. I drove as long as my leg would cooperate and when I couldn't stand the pain any longer I let Mom drive, it was a little rough. But we made it there and when we arrived all 3 girls were passed out.

We stayed at a new timeshare resort, Cancun Resorts, and loved it. The pool was huge, they had 5 Jacuzzis, tiki huts with hammocks underneath, water slides, a restaurant and lots of other things we liked. We'll definitely stay there again when we come with the girls.
Since we arrived late Friday, we unpacked and went straight to bed. Friday morning we got up and went straight to the pool. We swam for awhile and then ate at the little restaurant by the pool. We then talked all 3 girls into taking a nap (miraculous) so that we could stay out late that night. While Mom was getting ready I took the girls out to the pool area for a little photo shoot.
 The love these little girls!
We ate dinner at Bubba Gumps since that is Mom's favorite. She ate all kinds of shrimp and then they embarrassed her by singing Happy Birthday super loud!
After dinner we walked all around the south end of the strip hitting all the girls favorite places. We went to M&M World where we watched the 3D movie and bought souvenirs, we went to Coke World where the girls shared a orange float and we also went to Mom's (and mine) favorite, the ABC Store.
After that we went to Circus Circus where the girls played games and won stuffed animals and we all had a blast.
On the way home the girls were delirious. They were laughing at people driving next to us on the strip and saying hi. We didn't get to bed till after midnight and Natalee was up by 7am the next day!
Saturday we had breakfast with Papa Jim and Grandpa Kris and then we headed to the Discovery Children's Museum. We spent 3 hours there and the girls had a blast. They loved the huge castle, pirate ship and the little town that included a Vet, grocery store, Jamba Juice etc.
Again we all took naps so we could stay out late our last night there. And this time we went to the Flamingo to see the birds,
and then ate dinner at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville where we ordered the ginormous nachos. While we were waiting, the pirate girl on stilts made the girls balloon hats to wear around town.
After dinner we walked to the Bellagio to watch the fountains and then we walked to the Mirage to watch the Volcano.
We decided to end the night on Fremont St. NEVER AGAIN. I will never take my girls there again.
You don't realize just how filthy it is until you have kids with you. I don't think they even noticed the men in thongs and ladies with their boobs hanging out but I sure did. Anyway, I bought my Mom a drink for her birthday and we went into the ABC Store one last time for souvenirs and then we called it a night.
The drive home was perfect. My leg was fine and I was able to drive the whole way home. The girls were really good, it rained on us most of the way and Natalee even took a short nap. The trick was these suckers. Kept them quiet a good hour. Best souvenirs ever!
We hope you had a wonderful birthday Mom!