Monday, April 15, 2013

Sweet Haylee

Haylee told me the other day, "I'm pretty much 6 already because I have a loose tooth AND I can stay in the lines (when coloring)." She cracks me up. A few of her friends have a loose tooth or have lost a tooth and so Haylee is really wanting to be up to par with them. Sadly, I think it's just her imagination because the loose tooth of hers doesn't feel very loose to me.

I love Haylee's imagination. She loves to role play after she gets home from fun events. Her and Natalee rehearsed and performed their version of Disney On Ice the other night, daily she comes home and plays school teaching Natalee her phonograms and sending her to the Principle's office (ya Natalee is a troublemaker) and Saturday she came home and reenacted the birthday party she attended.

That's right, Haylee attended her first birthday party by herself on Saturday....she is getting to big! Her little friend Allie from school had a unicorn party and Haylee had such a blast and loves wearing her unicorn horn and tail.

Haylee likes to go in her own stall in the bathrooms these days too. She loves her independence and proudly walks out of the stall with a big smile on her face feeling accomplished. Silly girl.

She loves school and loves her teacher, Mrs Lukens. Out of the last 5 grading periods, she has gotten Principles Pride 3 times (all O's) and Honor Roll the other 2 times (for having mostly O's but 1-2 S's). She has the best memory. Each grading period she has to memorize and recite a poem in front of the class and she just amazes me. She was just given her final assignment for the last grading period- The Star Spangled Banner. I thought, what the heck? I can't even memorize that. I don't even know what half of the words mean let alone how to pronounce them. Well Haylee has taken me by surprise and almost has it memorized already. Seriously, she is one smart cookie.

I have recently began showing Haylee how to wash her own hair in the shower and that makes her feel very grown up! In fact she wouldn't even let me help her get out. She said, "if I am going to be taking a shower by myself I have to be able to get out of the tub by myself." lol

Haylee has always been a good kid. Not perfect, just a good kid. Of course she has an attitude like no other, but she always usually chooses to do the right thing. I had to change from always to usually because I remembered the day she took scissors to Natalee's hair. But aside from that, Haylee has never been one to get into things she is not suppose to or be destructive. I can trust her to be in a different room and not have to worry if she is getting into trouble (unlike little Miss Natalee).

I can't believe Haylee is going to be 6 in just 2 months. Breaks my heart how fast she is growing up!