Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sofia the First Party

Saturday was Natalee's party and she chose Sofia the First as her theme.

Because Sofia is so new and there are no party supplies/decorations out yet I had to get a little creative.
But I pulled it off and the party was a success!

{Backing up} Poor Natalee had a fever of 103 Thursday night so I took her in Friday because I knew she had an ear infection. I'm pretty sure the one she had a couple weeks back never cleared up. Although is was starting to feel better by Saturday she was still not feeling too hot and her voice was a little raspy but I think she still enjoyed her party and felt loved by all the people who came and all the cute stuff she got.
The party started with very special surprise guests arriving, Papa Jim and Grandma Kris! They drove down from Vegas that morning to surprise us all. Seriously the nicest thing ever.

For some reason Natalee was being shy and wanted to eat her fruit upstairs instead of downstairs where everyone else was eating. She is a nut.
But then it was time to open presents and she had just started to warm up to everyone when she poked herself in the eye on a book she opened. Poor Natalee. The whole time she was opening gifts she could barely see and her eye was watering and she was a mess. Party foul.
By the time we brought out the cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday she was back to her crazy self.
She wasn't sure how to go about eating her big cupcake so she started eating the frosting until she decided to start diggin' in.
After everyone left I showed her her gifts again so she could see everything she got and she was is Heaven. She loved all the Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins stuff she got and the McDonald's gift cards that she could buy ice cream with. She is one spoiled little girl and loved so very much too!