Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween {2012}

We had a busy busy October. I look forward to a few "down" weeks before the craziness starts again!

This week was filled with crafts and cookie making with the girls. We made ghosts with their feet and spiders with their hands and they turned out so cute!

The girls had so much fun decorating cookies too.
Haylee liked to put a lot of sprinkles on her cookies while Natalee liked to sneak a lot of sprinkles into her mouth.
We made cats, pumpkins, witches, bats, ghosts, Mickey's and dogs/dog bones for Jackson.
Last night my little witch and batarina had a blast trick-or-treating.
I am fairly certain Halloween is Natalee's favorite holiday. Everytime someone dropped candy into her bucket she'd take it right out and try to eat it. It was torture to carry all the candy around and not be able to eat it. My favorite was when someone would hold a bowl out and tell her to take 1. That's about when her counting skills went down the drain. She "forgot" what 1 piece of candy was apparently. Then she'd get confused between letting them give her a piece and her picking a piece so she'd go up to a house, say "trick-or-treat", they'd give her a piece of candy, then while they were giving Haylee a piece she'd reach in their bowl and grab another piece. She is such a nut.
Haylee was so sweet (or maybe she was a little shy) and waited for her sister to go up to each house with her.
She seemed more interested in going home and handing out candy than actually getting candy herself.
We walked around the neighborhood for about 2 hours and the girls got more than enough candy. Funny thing is, they kept wanting to eat their candy last night but it's like they completely forgot about it today. I don't think Haylee even mentioned it today and Natalee only did when she went on the potty.
We didn't carve our pumpkin this year but rather dressed it up like a beautiful princess! I think it looked hilarious!!!
Sam suggested we dress up like cats last minute so she made the cute cat ears and we drew some whiskers on. Quick and easy! I didn't get a picture of Josh but he dressed up like a farmer. Pretty funny.
We had a fun night but we sure missed our little boy. I wanted Jackson to be Frankenweenie this year :( I know he is watching over us but I'd rather have him right by my side.
(Shrek 2010)