Monday, October 22, 2012

California Vacation- Part 2

Sunday we spent the morning at Mission Beach.

Both girls were afraid of the water and didn't want to go anywhere near it. But they liked watching the boys surf.
Haylee just wanted to collect sea shells and build a sand castle mound.
Natalee liked playing with the sand.
I'm so glad I brought baby powder to get all the sand off them. Too bad it doesn't work well for their hair!
After beach time, we went to Long Beach to eat at Bubba Gumps. Haylee tried popcorn shrimp for the first time and liked it. They also liked their "Run Forrest Run" smoothie.
There was a Forrest Gump look alike walking around talking to people. Looked just like him!

Monday was the BIG day...Disneyland!!!
Our plan was to go right back to Toon Town to get character pictures but we got side track by all the Princess' and Merida from Brave so we didn't end up in Toon Town till a couple hours later.
The girls got their pictures withTinkerbell,
Sleeping Beauty,
Snow White,
and Mulan.
Each Princess took their time talking to the girls and asking them questions, it was super cute. Natalee wasn't afraid of them at all except Mulan. She told me "no picture with her."
We went on It's a Small World then headed to Toon Town where the girls got their picture with Goofy, Minnie and Mickey.
By that time we were due for a potty and food break. The ride lines were getting long (about 30 min wait times) so we skipped the Toon Town rides and went straight to Fantasyland.
We rode some rides there and then waited in line forever to meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. The girls had so much fun!
Next we watched the parade which was a lot of fun. We had awesome seats!
After our tradition picture with the girls we decide it was time to just ride rides, no more distractions.
From there we went on Pirates of the Caribbean, Nemo Submarine, Toy Story Astro Blaster, Mattahorn, Haunted Mansion and the Pooh ride. We ate dinner, watched Fantasmic, the fireworks and left. Both girls passed out in line for the shuttle back to the parking garage.
We did everything we wanted to with the exception of 4 rides which we planned on doing our 3rd day but never made it back. There's always next time.
Tuesday we spent the day at California Adventure. Haylee went on Soarin' Over California for the first time and liked it, but her favorite ride was the new Ariel ride.
We also rode the rockets, Haylee went on the Jumpin' Jellyfish,
we went on the Mickey Fun Wheel,
Toy Story Mania, King Triton's Carousel and then headed to Cars Land. Oh, and got the girls picture with Jessie.

The Radiator Springs Racers were a 90 minute wait and Natalee couldn't even go on them so we skipped that. We did go on the other 2 rides and I liked the Mater ride.
From there we watched the Disney Junior show, got pictures with Goofy and Pluto,
watched the parade and then the Aladdin show where Natalee took a nap. Rode a couple rides in Bugs Land, ate dinner and headed for the World of Color. By that time I had heard about Jackson not doing well so I really didn't enjoy the World of Color. I was very sad. The girls both really liked it though and Natalee kept saying "pink water!"

Wednesday we drove home. Seems like we just couldn't get home fast enough. And the rest I'd rather not relive....