Friday, August 3, 2012

Saturday Ramblings

These past 2 weeks the girls and I have been staying really busy. My niece Sam has been out here living with my Mom so I have a wonderful helper! Last week we took the girls to the mall one day and they got to ride the awesome new choo choo.

This week we took the girls to the pool so they could practice swimming. We also went to our last Summer Movie Fun at Harkins this week. I am so glad it's over since Natalee is not old enough (or could careless) to sit through a movie. Maybe next year she'll do better.

Last Friday we took the girls to Chuck E Cheese. They had a blast playing the games and crawling through the tubes. Natalee wasn't too sure about Chuck E Cheese this time but after playing peek-a-boo for a few minutes she decided she would give him five but nothing more!

Saturday the girls got to spend a few hours with Grandma Kayanne. She took them to McDonald's and then to swim at Justin & Cami's. Josh and I ate at Texas Roadhouse and then went to see "People Like Us". Just like every Saturday afternoon, the monsoon crept in and it started pouring after we picked up the girls. That was the night we let the girls play in the rain when we got home.

We were so excited on Sunday that we made it through our session without our "kid code" popping up. Turns out Natalee still didn't have a good day and cried off and on they just didn't page us. I have no idea why she is doing that. She has been fine the last month and a half we have been attending and then all of the sudden she is not liking it. It breaks my heart to see her sad little face when we pick her up. I really hope this passes and she can have fun again.

After church we went to the Farmer's Market and loaded up on fresh fruit. My favorite thing to eat when it's hot outside is cold, juicy fruit! And I'm so glad the girlies love it too!
On Wednesday Haylee girl had her 5 year well check that confirmed just what a petite little girl she is. She weighs a whopping 34 lbs.! She also had a hearing and vision test and did great!

Thursday was our fitness assessment at LA Fitness. Let's just say today I am hurting. We did a mini strength training workout targeting our legs and abs and today I can barely walk. I'm a wienie. He did show me some exercises to help my back since it's still hurting so I hope it works!

My Aunt had surgery yesterday to replace her aortic valve. I've been worried about her the last couple days and I just pray she has an easy and quick recovery.

Today Haylee and her Daddy went to see Snow White at Hale Theatre. Afterwards they went to Serrano's for lunch. They had a fun little Daddy/Daughter day!
And that about sums it up! Happy Saturday....