Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's offical...

Haylee is one scrawny petite little girl! She finally had her 5 year well visit today (only 6 weeks late) and she weighs 34 lbs (10%)! Keep in mind, at Natalee's 2 year well check (3 months ago) she weighed 27 lbs 8 oz. She is gonna pass up Haylee in no time!

Haylee is also 42" tall which is 25-50%.

No shots today, but Haylee was sent home with some Pediasure to try :)

Before I forget, I have to write down some funny things Haylee has said lately. After a prayer at Shari's house Haylee said "Natalee didn't close her eyes" trying to tattle on her sister. I replied with "obviously you didn't either if you saw her eyes open." Busted!!

Also I introduced Haylee to the Olympics and we love to watch the swimming and gymnastics together. She likes to spot the Team USA athletes by finding the ones with our flag. The first day we were watching the gymnastics the girl was doing her floor exercise and Haylee said "oh my gosh, she just flipped and like twirled in the sky!" I thought that was hilarious.

I love my sweet little girl!