Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2nd

Today is a huge milestone for Jackson. It was exactly 2 months ago today (April 2nd) that Jackson went into surgery to have his Grade III tumor removed. We were told that without Chemo he would probably only live about 2 months.

It has been 2 months and Jackson is doing GREAT! The only change I've noticed is that while playing ball he has to rest more but that could be because it's so freakin hot. Other than that he is constantly wagging his tail, eating great and loves to play ball and go for a walk. Oh, and beg for treats all day long. Seriously, he is just fine.

I am so thankful Jackson is here with us today. I am praying that by starting him on Apocaps when I did, he'll have a good chance of beating the odds. I have read plenty of stories of dogs taking Apocaps and their tumors not returning. I pray that with the combination of medicines he is taking he will remain tumor free and feeling great!

I love my sweet little boy......and his not so little ball he got from his Aunt Linda!