Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Ramblings

Wednesday's swim lessons brought a very scared Haylee girl and a very sad Mommy. I had to hide around the corner because Haylee was crying for me to "save" her. It was that moment I was glad I was wearing sunglasses so no one could see the tears in my eyes.

I compare it to when I decided to let the girls cry it out (as babies) at night. It was so hard for me because I wanted to go pick them up and soothe them, but I knew in the long run it'd be so worth it because they'd sleep through the night. So I sucked it up and cried downstairs praying they'd hurry and fall asleep. Same thing here. I would love to go "rescue" Haylee and take her home and never make her go back but then she won't learn to swim. I want my girls to be safe if they ever find themselves in an "unfortunate" situation. They are told (and shown) repeatedly that if they fall into the water they need to turn around and grab the side of the pool so they are safe.

Natalee is doing very good. She still fusses a little bit but I can tell she is learning. She is very excited about it and talks about "monkey walk" all the time.

Haylee is just scared to death but once he drags her into the pool and she does what she is suppose to, she is so proud of herself. She realizes it wasn't so bad and she gains confidence. I pray she continues to gain confidence and gets over her fear so she can learn more and actually enjoy it.

Thursday was a much better swimming lesson day. While Natalee did her private lesson, Haylee sat on the step practicing her kicks and blowing bubbles. Then I told Coach Sean that it might be a better idea to have Haylee go first when they take turns practicing so she can get it over with and not watch everyone else and get even more scared. Thankfully there was no "freaking out" today and Haylee stayed in the pool and did as she was told. I could tell she is getting a little bit more confident. When she was done with her turn she'd look at me and give me thumbs up. She is so proud of herself! I pray come Monday she is more willing to get in the pool and practice her swimming techniques without minding him 1000 times not to let go of her. He did finally tell her today "if you say that one more time I am going to let go." I had to laugh. She didn't say it again though :)

Natalee did great. She barely cries or fusses at all once she is in the pool. She floats on her back, practices her arms/kicking/blowing bubbles as he lets her go and she swims till she feels the steps and can stand, and she practiced getting pulled into the pool and underwater so she can turn around and grab the ledge. Then she monkey walks to the steps.

Today Haylee had her last craft club. She made the cutest monsters. She also got her craft kit from when she was sick last week and she gets to make a fish bowl with fish and seaweed. She's so excited. I will definitely put her in craft club again next year if the same lady offers it because Haylee had so much fun.

We are addicted to selling stuff on Ebay! It is amazing how much money you can make on selling things you never use. Things that have been up in the attic or sitting on a shelf for years you haven't touched. I've sold Potty Timers, DVDs, Scrapbook Stuff and FHE packets. Josh has sold books, faucets and other electronic gadgets. We've made close to $1400 (before fees/shipping) in just the past week! Time to start paying down Jackson's medical bills! I've sold some stuff for my Mom too and she's made $375 in just 2 days!

Tonight we took the girls to Mesquite pool to practice and they both did awesome. Haylee was doing everything without whining and was putting her face in the water, monkey walking on her own and she swam about 15 laps with Josh holding her around the waist while she practiced her monster arms and kicks. I really hope her confidence lasts till Monday.

Tomorrow I have a photography workshop and then Haylee's party is tomorrow evening. Sunday after church we're taking Haylee out for her birthday since we've yet to celebrate since she was sick. We're taking her to see Madagascar 3 and then possibly bowling.

Josh might be switching jobs. Pulte wants him back as a Superintendent over the entire building process of the house. We're gonna sit down this weekend and discuss everything. I must say Pulte has awesome insurance and Josh gets more vacation time with them. The only downfall is there will not be a work truck or gas card, just a truck allowance. Time to weigh the pros and the cons.

This month has just been crazy busy. I will be so happy when it's over because I'm exhausted.