Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Ramblings- Busy June is almost over!

Wow! What a week. What a month.

The girls finished their swimming lessons yesterday and I am so proud of them.

Haylee overcame her fear of going under and Natalee has learned some important water safety and swimming basics.
Now I need to continue to take them to the pool and practice! Natalee really needs to practice blowing bubbles instead of inhaling water and she needs to practice kicking her little feet. Sadly, our swimming days have been put on hold for a few days because....

Haylee has swimmers ear. Her ear started bothering her Tuesday so by Wednesday I took her to the doctor. She has swimmers ear and has to stay out of the water for a few days while I give her drops. I was told to mix 1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 white vinegar and each time she gets out of the water put 2 drops in each ear. Hopefully that will prevent any future issues. Poor girl. It hurts when she touches it, lays on it and eats.

Wednesday we took the girls to the circus. This years theme was Dragons and it was one of the best circuses I've been too. I hated when they did little "skits" in between the main acts because it never kept little kids attention. This year was non-stop entertainment and it was really fun! The girls have been getting stickers on their sticker charts to earn money to spend at the circus. Haylee bought a pink/purple stuffed dragon with her money and Natalee bought a snowcone in a clown cup and popcorn with her money. The girls had fun and Natalee was really good too!
After being approached by Pulte and given a wonderful offer to come work for them as a Superintendent, Josh has decided to stick with Brewer and will be promoted with them to Right Start Manager August 1st. This will be a wonderful opportunity for Josh and he said he will enjoy this position and enjoy going to work. That is how he finally made the super tough decision.

Jackson just finished his antibiotic for his bladder infection and I'm pretty sure it didn't go away....again. It appears the Prednisone he takes daily is not allowing the antibiotics to do their job. I'm planning on taking him back in Monday and we'll go from there. Poor Jackson. Otherwise he is great, no signs of slowing down for him!
I mentioned we got Haylee an oyster/pearl kit for her birthday. She has been talking about going to Hawaii and opening an oyster for awhile now. I found a kit on Amazon that comes with an oyster you can open and also a necklace to put your pearl in. Haylee Josh pried open the oyster to reveal a beautiful white pearl!
Haylee loved it and we put it in her adorable turtle necklace.
This weekend we are taking Haylee to see Rapunzel at Hale Theatre. This will be our first time there and we are super excited. Also, my Mom and I are going to see Magic Mike Sunday and I am even more excited for that!

And we leave for our staycation very soon which means swimming, food and partying! Can't wait!!!

Happy Friday!!