Friday, February 24, 2012

Zoo Time

The weather has just been so perfect that I can't help wanting to be outside as much as possible. I know in just a few months it will be so hot and I'll hate being outside.

We took the girls to the zoo last weekend.

I love having a membership there and taking the girls as much as possible. When we renewed our membership this year we got free passes for the carousel, stingray bay and camel rides. Haylee rode the camel for the first time and wasn't scared at all. She looked so tiny compared to the huge camel, too cute.
Like Haylee and Hannah's friend?
We walked almost the whole zoo and then the girls rode the carousel. Natalee went on the giraffe which doesn't go up and down (she prefers that), Haylee rode the elephant and Hannah was on the jaguar.
Beautiful day + well behaved girls = wonderful time!