Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V Day

It didn't seem like Valentine's Day yesterday since Josh and I had already celebrated all weekend in Vegas, but I had 2 little girls to spoil and it was sure fun.

Haylee did awesome filling out her Hello Kitty Valentine's. I gave her a list of all the boys and girls in her class and she wrote all of the names (and her name) all by herself. *Proud Mommy Moment* Seriously, she has learned so much in preschool and she is doing awesome!

I had signed up to bring the sweet treat for her Valentine party and I had every intention of making these yummy looking brownie/red velvet cupcakes, but the kids ended up with store bought treats. :( We got home later than expected and I was too tired to bake so I ran by Walmart which pretty much had nothing left so I had to make do with what was left. I'm sure there were no complaints from the kids, but I felt like a slacker. Haylee had fun at her party and loved looking at the Valentine's she got from her friends.
Josh and I got the girls each a book and some candy. They were both really excited. Haylee loved her Hello Kitty book and chocolate. Can you see the trend with Hello Kitty around here?
And Natalee loved her "choo choo" book and M & M's!
I love my sweet girls.

Since we had spent all weekend in Vegas (and a lot of money) Josh wasn't suppose to buy me anything. Of course, he didn't listen. In he came with 2 bouquets of flowers, chocolates and a card.
He handed me the flowers and said, "one is for you and one is for your Mom." If that doesn't show you the kind of guy he is I don't know what does. He's perfect and I'm so blessed to call him mine!
And of course, Jackson got a present from his Valentine, my Mom!