Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Ramblings

First and foremost, I need to get a new USB cord for my camera so I can get all the pictures off and do more posting on my blog!
I got my haircut Tuesday, nothing exciting, just getting ready for summer.

Haylee is having a Tangled Birthday next month and I have been on the lookout for Tangled things on sale. Well, waiting for a sale back fired on me this time. I was waiting for the figurines to go on sale but sadly every Disney store in town (along with is running out of everything Tangled. Well, after calling around I discovered that Chandler Mall has awesome stock because they just opened the store last week so the warehouse held Tangled items for their opening. So of course I drove right over and was able to get the figurines, the soft plush doll (which is also no where to be found except ebay for 3x the cost), a swimsuit cover up, sunglasses and cup. All on sale by the way except the figurines. I was so excited....and of course, so was Haylee. She was so excited to see all the Tangled stuff that she didn't even see everything I bought her! She's not spoiled.......

I am actually quite excited to say I ventured out with the girls 3 days this week. Aside from our journey to Chandler Mall (where we also ate lunch and the girls played in the play area), I took the girls to the zoo with my friend April yesterday, and then today we went to the library and ran some errands. I can't stay inside all day, the weather has just been so good to use this year!

Speaking of great weather, we have been spending time outside every night because it is just absolutely perfect out! We've taken the girls for walks, to the park, cleaned out the garage and even Haylee loves to just play outside with her toys and the rocks. I hope this cooler weather means we'll have a nicer summer. Ha!

Haylee girls has been "cleaning and organizing" like crazy. Seriously, she tells me she has so much to do each day and then lists a bunch of stuff. Not sure where she hears that :) I brought some of their toys downstairs to store in the new tv stand and I'm trying to rearrange things in the office too. Last minute spring cleaning I guess. It seems like every time I cross 1 thing of my list I add 2 more things.

Haylee filled up her entire sticker chart again! This is awesome because it means she is behaving better. In just the last week she has been yelling at me less and I don't think she's even had a full blown "freak out" once. In fact, several times a day she tells me, "guess what Mom? I'm gonna be a good girl today." That's what I like to hear!

I have to laugh when I'm making food for the girls. I have been fixing the same amount for both girls and Natalee is usually the only one who finishes her plate. No wonder Haylee is so scrawny and Natalee is a little pork chop.

I love how both girls love milk even though Josh and I never drink it! Haylee drinks chocolate milk and Natalee drinks regular. I haven't given Natalee any chocolate milk but I did give her some coconut milk and she liked that. I don't think there is anything Natalee doesn't like!

Poor Baby N is still dealing with awful teething irritation. Her top molars should be popping through any day and she has been miserable. Every other time she has gotten teeth it didn't bother her too much, but these molars seem to be killing her. I hope my sweet, happy baby returns soon.

Natalee has been taking 3 hour naps lately. She is still taking 2 naps and the 2nd nap is usually only an hour or so. She is such a great sleeper.

Josh should be working out in the field starting next week. Hopefully no more hour and a half drives to the office.

Josh will be a vendor at the Town of Queen Creek 4th of July Celebration at Schnepf Farms this year. This is huge! Last year they had over 4,000 people attend. He will be representing both Dish Network & DIRECTV there. Hopefully he'll pull in some sales!

I am happy that I have been able to get my freap on little bit by little bit this week. I love deals, but I love it even more when the shelves aren't cleared and I can actually get the deals I go after. I will resume my "my weekly deals" post next week showcasing some of the notable deals.

Looks like we might be having another busy weekend ahead of us. Mickey and Minnie will be at Chandler Mall tomorrow and Josh and I plan to work on our to do lists.

And I'm done rambling........