Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vegas Baby

1 week ago yesterday we returned from Las Vegas. It was a nice little vacation. We spent time with family, did some sight seeing, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Oh and did I mention how fast we got there since the new bridge opened over the dam? Last time we went it seriously took us like 11 hours to get there. Natalee was just a couple months old and hated the car drive plus the dam traffic was horrible. This time was smooth sailing and it took us just a tad over 6 hours. Natalee got to use her new big girl front facing seat and she really liked it. She fussed a little this time since she doesn't take good naps in the car but otherwise was great. 

Haylee has always been awesome with long drives. She watches movies, reads books, plays with whatever she brings and usually is pretty quite.
We also stayed on the strip this time which was nice and convenient, just wish our room was bigger. The girls slept awesome and were pretty well behaved the whole time which is why it was a "nice little vacation".

We got in late Friday so we unpacked and went to bed.

Saturday we went to Circus Circus. That is usually our 1st stop in Vegas. Haylee loves to play games and win stuffed animals.
Natalee joined in the fun this time too.
After we left there, we went over to Mandalay Bay to go to the Shark Reef. Natalee loved the fish. She gets so excited watching them swim. Both girls liked the sharks and were excited to see one of the big sea turtles.
Neither girl braved the stingray "touching" but I wasn't afraid of the slimmy little fellas.
After that we went to M & M World, MGM Grand to see the lions, the ABC Store and ate dinner at Outback.
That night we walked around the strip a little. We got lost in the new, huge City Center and them missed the water show by a minute at the Bellagio. We decided to call it a night. It's funny when you're back at the hotel and the girls AND Josh are in bed asleep by 9pm. How times have changed!

Sunday we wanted to spend time at the pool/waterpark. The water was so warm and we were the only ones there. However, the wind made things way too cold so we didn't stay out very long.
We put Natalee down for a nap then headed over to Jim & Kris's house. They made dinner for everyone and then had a little Birthday party for their 4 grandkids who have April Birthday's.
They had a cute cake made and Natalee got cute dresses, a ball, money and bath toys to play with.
The girls had fun playing with their cousins (which includes 6 boys) and dancing to Dance Party on the Wii.
We even talked the guys into dancing to "It's Raining Men" and Jim (Josh's Dad) got down! I'm just glad the girls didn't have to dance!
I know the saying is "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," but for me it's "what happens in Vegas ends up on my blog"...........sorry guys!

Monday we had breakfast at Denny's and then went to the Bass Pro Shop to see the HUGE aquarium.
Natalee was in heaven. She got so excited! She kept hitting the glass and screaming.
We love this aquarium and always go when we're in Vegas. They have sharks, huge stingrays, lots of fish and even mermaids sometimes. It's free and awesome. When we left there we went to the outlet mall nearby to walk around and of course Haylee rode the carousel.
That night we met some of Josh's family at Chili's for dinner and then we (along with Josh's Dad) went down to the strip. We finally saw the water show at Bellagio and since they did the show every 15 min. we actually saw 5 shows. Haylee said that was one of her favorite things. We walked around a little then returned to our room to start packing some things up.
Tuesday we headed home. Nothing exciting. Smooth drive, little whining, and Jackson was happy to have us home!