Monday, March 7, 2011

Got Fruit Snacks?

We sure do. 36 boxes to be exact. Every single box was free.

I think I'm gonna start doing a post every Monday or Tuesday showcasing my weekly bargains. I'm constantly saying "I can't believe the things you can get for free/cheap! Who would have ever thought I could get ______ for free or _______ for so cheap." Just last weekend I was able to score 2 pairs of Mossimo jeans at Target for free! How? They had skinny jeans and bootcut jeans marked down to $4.98 and I printed (2) $5/1 coupons from Free Jeans...who would have thought you could get free jeans.

This past weekend I've been frequenting Safeway. That's where the deals were. I got my 36 boxes of fruit snacks and I also picked up a combination of 16 cinnamon rolls, biscuits and crescent rolls which ended up being a $7.00 money maker.
I already shared/ate some so 4 cans are missing.

I also came across a great deal on Pedicare currently at Walgreen's. I got 5 boxes of infant pain reliever (tylenol) for free, 2 children's pain reliever for .49 ea. and 3 cold/allergy medicines for .99 ea. Now if only I came across this 2 weeks ago when the girls started getting sick.
Lastly, Safeway put out a $5 off $15 in frozen items coupon a week or so ago and I have been stocking the freezer like crazy. I have bought 12 boxes of Eggos, 16 frozen Old Orchard juices (.44 ea.), 20 Marie Callendar's, 8 Banquet Sausage, 9 Hot/Lean Pockets, 4 Pizza's and 3 boxes of Pizza Rolls. No it didn't all fit in my freezer (or our deep freeze in the garage) but my brother's empty freezer sure loved some of it. This was 1 out of the 6 transactions I did.
I paid $3.04 and got back a $3 catalina which I could turn around and use on anything at Fry's.

The total I've spent out of pocket this year is $249.62.Total savings..... $2140.10! Obviously that's not every penny I've spent this year, but that's every penny I've spent at the grocery stores and drug stores when I've used coupons with sale prices to get my stuff on the freap!

I am so thankful for Sheryl! If you live in AZ make sure you check out her site!