Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vanessa & Andy

My cousin Vanessa got married Sunday and her and Andy chose Haylee to be their flower girl. I was so nervous that Haylee was gonna refuse to cooperate or have an attitude of some sort. I was wrong, she was awesome.

She was so happy to finally be able to wear her "wedding dress" and she even let me curl her hair. She looked like a little Princess.

(That is my Mom's Christmas tree still up!)

Her and the ring bearer quickly became buddies. They looked so adorable walking down the aisle together. When they walked up to where the chairs started they both kinda froze.

Haylee was looking for us and once she found me she started to run towards me but I told her to continue down the aisle towards Larissa.

(Haylee watching Vanessa walk down the aisle)

After Vanessa made her way to the front, Haylee came to sit with us to watch the ceremony. 

(Sand Ceremony)

Haylee pretty much danced the entire reception. Anytime there was a break from dinner, toasts or whatever, she was out on the dance floor dancing around. Bet you'll never guess who she was dancing with.....her little buddy Ben (and his older sister). It was hilarious to see her chase after him holding both hands out for him to hold and then they would jump around laughing and dancing. Cracked us up. We were told by one guest to exchange information with his parents so we could set up their arranged marriage years down the road. Everyone thought they were so cute.

The wedding was so beautiful. It was laid back and perfect. Being there early (for pictures) I got to take some pictures while they were setting things up. I loved their cake, and all of the shells were edible too.

We had a wonderful night.

Congratulations Andy & Vanessa. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!


Vanessa and Andy said...

So glad you could all be a part of our wedding! Haylee was a wonderful flower girl! Thanks for posting pictures!!

~Vanessa and Andy

Beka said...

vanessa looks like your sister:)