Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Saturday night we took the girls to trunk-or-treat put on by the City of Queen Creek.

They had games, food and other activities to do in addition to the trunk-or-treat. It was absolutely crazy this year. Way too many people! We Mom stood in line for over an hour to go to maybe 20 cars for candy.

The best part about being towards the end of the line was they ran out of their hard (lame) candy and had to run to Target for yummy chocolate candy bars (bomb candy) so Haylee got plenty of candy from there.

I wondered how Natalee would do in her costume, but she wore it all night. She is such a chill baby. She just kicked back in her stroller. I love my happy baby.

Saturday I call "dress rehearsal" because I wasn't sure what to do with Haylee's hair. After spraying it red I realized if I left it down the red would get on everything. But then when I put it in a ponytail all the red came off on my brush and hands. Note to self, no more hair color spray! Sunday night I decided to leave her hair down and just spray it and leave it alone.

Sunday we decorated pumpkins.

This year I got these "Mr. Potatoe Head" type things you just stick in the pumpkin. (Free at CVS)

There were all sorts of eyes, mouths, noses etc to create different pumpkins.

Haylee loved it and I loved it too because there were no messes.

Jackson was Shrek (again) this year. He kept his costume on about 5 seconds.

We went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood that night.

We went for a little over an hour and Haylee had a lot of candy!

Natalee rode along in the stroller and I was surprised at how many people realized she was Sebastian and Haylee was Ariel. I think they looked so adorable.

I wonder how long I'll be able to dress them in coordinating costumes?!