Saturday, November 27, 2010

California Part 1

2 weeks ago today, we headed over to California. My mom, Hannah, Josh, me & the girls. The drive over was uneventful, thank God, and both girls did awesome. I was nervous since Natalee hasn't done so well on other car trips, but she was perfect. We arrived in Carlsbad late afternoon. After checking in and unpacking we went to dinner at a yummy mexican restaurant in San Clemente then called it an early night. This was my favorite hotel because the bedroom was closed off from the living area so Natalee and I didn't have to hear all the snoring going on all night. We slept the best those first 2 night.

Sunday we went to Legoland.

The park was open 10-5 both days so we got there right when it opened.

We have never been to Legoland, and will probably not go back. The rides were nothing special, the ride restrictions were ridiculous, and poor Natalee could only go on 2 rides (where at Disneyland she could go on almost every ride Haylee could).

The girls seemed to have fun so that's all that mattered. Haylee drove a little jeep through the "safari",

we rode a little boat through a fairy tale land,

went for a ride on the choo choo train,

caused a traffic pile up,

flew through the air in an airplane,

drove a boat around and hit some walls,

got a lift from a helicopter,

played in the play area,

hung out with Mama,

and random other people,

went on a swinging pirate ship,

oh, and played with some legos.

Natalee even played her first carnival game and won a big duck!

We easily could have finished the park in 1 day, but they had a promotion to come back for a 2nd day for free. So thats what we did.

Monday, we started at Sea Life Aquarium (inside Legoland) then finished up Legoland.

The aquarium was pretty neat. We saw all sorts of fishies and underwater creatures.

The girls got to touch star fish too.

We watched a sting ray feeding and learned more about the underwater world.

Day #2 at Legoland was fun for us adults. We got to ride a couple "scary" rides. There weren't any lines so we would take turns staying with the girls.

We rode a fast spinny type ride and the roller coaster. Yipee! :)

The girls rode a couple more rides including this airplane one Haylee loved. Since the park was dead, the ride attendent let them go on it 3 times in a row. I think that was Haylee's favorite.

Before we left, we did try some of their famous apple fries. They were super yummy.

After leaving the park, we went to visit Josh's Great Grandma who lives in California. She is 94 and so adorable. She hasn't seen Haylee in awhile and has never seen Natalee.

Before we left she told us she loved us all and Natalee made a kiss sound like she was blowing her a kiss. It was cute. Each of us got to tell her we loved her and give her a hug, it felt good to see her again.

After leaving there, we headed to Anaheim. Next stop, the morning that it!

To be continued.......