Monday, October 25, 2010

No Cavity Club

Last Thursday we took Haylee to a new dentist. Wow! I wish the dentist was that cool when I was a kid. When the called Haylee back, we went to do the x-rays first. While doing the x-rays, both dentist happened to walk by and both talked to Haylee, very sweet and friendly. Then she had her cleaning. I wish my cleaning only took 5 minutes. Then the dentist came in and told her she had very beautiful teeth, princess teeth.

They told her she is now a member of the no cavity club. She got her picture taken for their digital frame that hangs under the "No Cavity Club" banner, she got a coupon for a free ice cream at Cold Stone, a punch card saying that after 4 no cavity visits she gets a free spin toothbrush and she also got a special token. With that special token she got to pick whatever she wanted out of their toy machine. She chose a blue gecko. But, her favorite thing of all....the Ariel toothbrush and the green balloon she got. The whole way there she kept saying she wanted an Ariel toothbrush and I kept saying, "I doubt they have Ariel Haylee." But they did. Sweet Tooth, you rock!