Monday, September 27, 2010

5 months

Yesterday, my sweet little girl turned 5 months old. Boo hoo is all I have to say.

Things to remember-

*Wearing size 2-3 diapers.

*Wearing 3-6 month clothes.

*She's rollin', rollin' rollin'.

*I still swaddle her at night but with her arms out now. Most nights she rolls right over and sleeps on her belly. She seems to sleep even better on her belly, sometimes 12 hours at night! Of course, Mommy is a little more nervous so I check on her often to make sure she's alright and I make sure to say an extra little prayer each night.

*She takes one long nap a day (sometimes two) and they're usually 2-3 hours long. Then she takes two 30-40 minute naps too. Just like at bedtime, I swaddle her with her arms out, rock her a few minutes, and put her in her crib awake, with her binkie (she usually spits out right away) and her crib music on.

*Still has big, blue eyes!

*Not only does she like her hands, she has discovered her toes and loves those too. She likes to hold onto them and when she is on the floor that's how her rollin' over starts.

*Lifts her head up so good when she's on her belly. She just looks all around.

*She still does the hokey pokey at night. She rolls all around and is at the opposite side of the crib every morning.

*Still nurses great!!!! (just wish I had more milk to give) My breastfeeding goal was 6 months and I'm very proud of this accomplishment. She still takes a bottle after almost every feeding but she's getting some breast milk and that is better than none!

*Likes her rice cereal. I think she likes food in general. I mean, look at those thighs! She likes ice cream too and she always watches me eat. I can't wait till she can have fruits and veggies next month.

*She's a very happy baby. She smiles and "talks" nonstop. I love when we have a conversation and she makes all sorts of sounds.

*She is ticklish. When we find her tickle spot (her ribs and underarms) she just belly laughs and it's so adorable.

*She usually only cries when she's hungry or tired.

*Lost most of the hair she was born with but now it's growing back!

*She prefers to stand more than sit and never likes to lay down!

*She loves her big sister. Haylee asks if Natalee can come in her room and play. She can always make her sister laugh.

Natalee & Haylee. Both at 5 months. I really don't think they look anything alike!