Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sleeping Buddy

For the past 3 nights Haylee has wanted her door open and the gate off when she goes to bed. Every night when I go to check on her (before I go to bed) her bed is empty. When I walk in my room...

I find her sleeping right next to Josh, every time! I wake him up and say, "do you realize Haylee is attached to you?" and every time he says something different. "She said her bed was uncomfortable," or "she was tucking me in," or last night was "she was afraid of the storm." I guess Josh tells her to go back in her room but then he falls asleep before she does. When Josh lays down, he's out. And usually sound asleep. I hate to disrupt this adorable cuddle time,

but I don't think Josh could really sleep like this all night. So I pick her up and put her back in bed, and she goes right to sleep.