Saturday, August 14, 2010


My mom, niece (Sam), me and the girls took a little vacation to Sedona last weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful. In fact, a little too chilly to even go swimming in the evening. On the way up we stopped at the outlets in Anthem, scored a few deals, then headed to Sedona. This time around the drive was uneventful (unlike Vegas) so we got there in a timely matter.

Natalee still hates road trips thanks to our 10 hour drive to Vegas. She can't sleep very well in her car seat so she cries because she is tired. Poor girl has cried every time we've put her in her seat the last couple of days because she hates it! So we checked in, unpacked, then went to the pool.

It was kinda too cold to swim, so we went and got some dinner then went in the jacuzzi tub in the room and had a blast. 

Monday, we went to the coffee pot for breakfast (a must have in Sedona) and Natalee and Haylee talked to each other while we waited for our food.

(Haylee with her lizard friend outside the Coffee Pot)

Then we were off to the Trout Farm where I fed Natalee,

Haylee fed hundreds of trout,

and we all had a wonderful time.

Again, beautiful weather in the 70's. After we left there, we drove around while the girls napped, then we went to an area by the creek to try to get some pictures.

I couldn't get both girls to look at the camera to save my life, so this will have to do.

Later that afternoon we went back to the room so Grandma and Natalee could take naps, and me and Sam took Haylee swimming. We had fun. Haylee was saying the funniest things. She told Sam if she jumped in she'd give her a present. Sam said, "what kind of present?" and Haylee said, "a puppy." Then she said she couldn't get into the pool because she was a mermaid. She's so silly.

That evening we walked around town, ate dinner, and took pictures of Haylee by funny statues.

And of course, the Pink Jeep. Famous in Sedona.

That night we ate our yummy caramel, nut, chocolate apple...

and then we were off to bed.

Some of us were exhausted.

Sedona is fun, but only for a day or two. Then we run out of fun things to do.

But it was a nice getaway.