Monday, July 26, 2010

3 months old

My sweet little baby is 3 months old! I just can't believe how big she's getting. She is such a good little baby and very laid back. I love how she'll swing or sit in her bouncer and be happy just looking at the toys. Just recently she has become very interested in all of her toys.

At 3 months old she weighs about 14lbs. 8 oz. She goes to the doctor again at 4 months to find out the "official" weight.

Things to remember-

*Wearing size 1 diapers.

*Wearing 0-3 month clothes.

*Sleeping great! She's in her crib, being swaddled, and has been sleeping 10-12 hours at night. During the day she'll take one 3 hour nap (usually in the morning) and then the rest of her naps are around 40 minutes. Just in the past couples days she has started staying awake longer between naps. She can last a little over 2 hours now. I rock her for a couple minutes but I put her to bed awake and sometimes she'll cry a little, but mostly she'll go right to sleep. As soon as I put her in her crib she spits out her binkie. She's not a big binkie fan but she'll take it to calm down and sometimes go to sleep.

*She does the hokey pokey at night. For the past few mornings I have went in her room and she has turned herself the whole way around and her head is at the opposite end the crib. She also has both arms out of her swaddle and the swaddle is around her waist. She thinks it's funny and has a huge smile on her face

*Nurses great still and we also supplement with formula when she's still hungry (milk supply is low). When I give her just a bottle she'll usually drink 4 oz.

*She's a very happy baby. She always smiles and "talks" a lot. She's even laughed out loud a couple times. (Of course I couldn't get any smiles today while trying to take her picture)

*She still has big, blue eyes which I hope do not change.

*She is lifting her head up great when I put her on her tummy. She has always had a lot of strength lifting her head and she has strong little legs too. She loves to stand.

*She loves to watch Haylee. She just wishes Haylee was a little more quiet and gentle with her. Haylee seems to be getting worse. 

*Loves to chew her hands.

*Received her baby blessing 7/18 from Papa.

Both girls at 3 months. Natalee on the left, Haylee on the right. I don't think they look alike. Check out Haylee's hair! lol