Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lovin' Life

I never realized how easy life was with one child until we had another! Both Haylee and Natalee are good little girls, but we have our hands full. It seems like I never have time anymore to blog because as soon as Natalee goes down for her morning nap I am rushing around getting things done and taking a shower (if I'm lucky). So here I go catching up again on the last 2 weeks....

This year May 9th was a crazy, emotional day. Not only was it Josh's Birthday and our 7th Anniversary, but Mother's Day fell on that day this year also. I had just turned the corner and had started to feel better from the mastitis, so I hadn't been able to get Josh anything for his birthday or our anniversary and I felt so horrible. He told me a million times that it didn't matter, but I still felt bad. Then of course, being the wonderful husband that he is, he got me an edible arrangement (which I've been wanting) so that made me feel worse that I hadn't gotten him anything. I couldn't read any cards that day (Mother's Day or Anniversary) without crying, I was just an emotional wreck. But I got through the day and now all of my nursing issues (and sickness) are a distant memory and life is getting better!

(Haylee brought me a card and flowers to help me feel better)

Since Natalee lost her umbilical cord she can now have "real" baths. For the most part I think she enjoys them because she no longer cries. She is so adorable and I love making a little mohawk with her hair after I wash it. Have I mentioned Natalee is getting a red tint to her hair just like Haylee? Also, I don't think I ever mentioned that Natalee has the cutest dimple in her chin. Both of these things are courtesy of Papa Reggie!

Last weekend we were all able to get out of the house for a much needed break. Friday, the 4 of us went to dinner at Serrano's and then to the mall so Haylee could ride the carousel and play in the play area. Natalee slept the entire time we were out and Haylee behaved very well. I felt so blessed! Saturday we had to run a couple errands. We took Haylee to the library for some new books, and then we went to Party City so Haylee could pick a theme for her birthday party. Can you guess what she picked? I can't believe my little girl will be 3 in a few weeks! That night Kaysi and Steve took us out to dinner at Outback. Not only was the food delicious, but both of my girls behaved once again! I just might be able to take them somewhere on my own sooner than I thought...if I had to....or maybe not! Thanks Kaysi and Steve for a wonderful dinner!

So how are the girls doing? They are great! Haylee is adjusting so well and in just the last week has really started liking her sister. She has actually asked to hold her a few times and always wants to hug her and kiss her. She isn't so "scared" anymore when Natalee cries, she mostly ignores it. She really is a wonder big sister and always helps us out when we need her to do us a favor. She is filling up her big sister reward chart and loves picking toys out of the toy box. Natalee is doing awesome. She still seems to be awake 2 hours, then sleeps 2 hours during the day, and usually just gets up once at night. She has started to become restless at night (or at least that’s what I call it) and will make constant sounds like she's awake and ready to eat, yet she is still asleep. I guess she's just not in a deep sleep. This doesn't happen every night, but it wakes me every 5 minutes. She still nurses great, and we have started supplementing with formula also so that she gets enough and is happy. It works great for both of us and she's a happy baby!

Yesterday we had a little "open house" so that friends who wanted to come meet Natalee could. Instead of trying to get together with each person, we thought this was an easier way to get together with everyone one day. My mom took over the "event" and did an awesome job. She ordered a cake from Costco, made tuxedo brownies, and had fruit, veggies, cheese & crackers. She also made cute table decorations with pink and white carnations. We kept it simple and it was a fun afternoon. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives!