Saturday, May 1, 2010


Natalee got her 1st bath on Wednesday, not a big fan. She screamed pretty much the entire time, oh and peed all over Daddy! I forgot how wonderful the smell is of a new, clean baby. After washing her hair, it went a tiny bit curly, (nothing like Haylee's was) and it seems her hair is going to be a lighter brown, I don't see any red in it.

Yesterday we took Natalee to her 1st Doctor visit with Dr. Allen. She weighed in at 6 lbs. 8 oz. so she's only lost 3 oz. since leaving the hospital Tuesday. I anticipate her weight will picking up now that my milk has come in.

As far as our first "outing" with both kids.....I think I might just stay at home from now on, unless I have Josh with me. I can't imagine going anywhere by myself with both kids, unless Haylee starts behaving better. I know she's adjusting and actually she is doing better than we thought towards her sister. It's just her tantrums have picked up again. And Jackson....he's worse than Haylee, always begging for attention. We are gonna definitely have our hands full!

So do they look alike?
(Natalee on left, Haylee on right)