Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackson

Our little boy is 8 today. We've had him since he was just a couple months old.

At first he was a little devil like most puppies but when he grew out of that "stage" he was the best dog ever, and still is. He's very smart, knows exactly what we are saying to him. He is so patient with Haylee even though some days the torture never ends. Although he's not as spoiled as he use to be when he was an only "child" he is never forgotten about.

Yes, I must confess, we even give him a birthday party ever year. I think last year was the only year we didn't have an actual party, but we will have one for him this weekend. He's been though a lot this week with his surgery and recovery and he definitely deserves it. Call me crazy, wouldn't be the first time.

He is doing very well and should get his stitches out this Saturday. I know he'll be happy when he can eat, sleep and go potty without his darn cone in the way. He has really adjusted to it though and never tries to get it off but I know it's not comfortable.

Happy 8th Birthday Jackson! We love you so much.