Monday, February 8, 2010

Movie Weekend

Saturday was a fun, busy day. My mom watched Haylee in the morning so Josh and I could run errands. We went to Michael's, VF Factory Outlet, Burlington (Baby Depot), and the Swap Meet. We were able to get everything we went after making it a successful trip!

That afternoon/evening, I went to see Dear John with my mom, sister and niece Samantha. I thought it was a wonderful movie but my niece said the book is better so now I want to read the book. I love having "Girl's Night Out" time.

While I was out with the girls, Josh and Haylee had another Daddy-Daughter night out. I love how Josh is such a wonderful Dad and he loves taking Haylee out and having fun. I know they enjoy their time together and I'm so thankful Haylee has that special Daddy-Daughter bond with her Daddy like I did with mine.

This time, Josh and Haylee went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox. Haylee watched the preview online about 10 times and kept talking about it. She sat through the entire movie and loved it. Afterwards they went on the carousel, the zebra and ostrich and then went to Wendy's for chicken and french fries-Haylee's favorite.