Thursday, February 4, 2010

Glucose Test

Today was my glucose test, or the day I like to call "last time I should have to get my blood taken for a long time" day. Drinking the "flat fruit punch" doesn't bother me, I just hate needles, and 5 vials of my blood being stolen is just horrible. But if all is good, I shouldn't see another needle till the day I go in to have Natalee and then I'll be begging for it (well not the needle itself but the epidural).

So the updates today are that I now weigh 148 lbs. so I have officially gained 22 lbs. Yes, I still have 12 weeks to go but I think I'm right where I was when I was pregnant with Haylee. Natalee's heart rate was 140-150's and I'm measuring right on track. My next appointment is in just 2 weeks! Yep, that time already. Pretty soon I'll be going in weekly. I can't believe how fast these days are flying by.

Lastly, I'll leave you with the picture that Haylee drew today of her little sister.

I thought it was the cutest thing!


Jennie said...

Aw...looks how pretty Natalee is :)