Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Past The Half Way Mark

I'm now officially past the half way mark of being pregnant! The beginning was rough but things are a lot better now. Our little girl is growing and moving around like crazy. I've been able to feel her for about 4 weeks now and Josh finally felt her squirming Saturday. She must have known it was her Daddy's hand because she put on a show flipping, kicking and dancing all around for a few minutes. We have been able to feel her a lot earlier than we did with Haylee. I think I'm getting bigger a lot faster with Natalee than I did with Haylee too. It's funny how these pregnancies continue to be so different yet I have been carrying girls both times. I feel so blessed to have had 20 weeks with this sweet baby and I look forward to (less than) 20 more!


Danielle said...

What a difference a month can make. Your bump is getting bigger. Makes me miss being pregnant! You are looking good girl!