Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun at the Fair

We went to the fair Wednesday for the $1 rides and games and we had a blast. Josh's Uncle Richard works security at the fair so Haylee and I got to finally meet him which was nice.

The 1st ride the girls went on was the bumble bee ride. We didn't know yet that the girls could ride by themselves without an adult so Josh and Dustin went on that one with them. We were all laughing so hard because their 2 bees were the only ones not going up in the air when they pushed the joy stick up, they just hovered at the bottom. I guess they were over the weight limit!! The girls had a blast riding all the rides, and I loved watching Haylee's little excited face as the ride was going.

Haylee loved playing the games too. The fishing one is always a favorite! She also threw ping pong balls into floating bowls and helped us play the squirt gun games. She left with 6 prizes and was one happy girl.

I think the animals topped the fun for the night. We've been hearing about the pony ride and petting zoo ever since! I had to remind Haylee not to kiss the animals because she likes to stick her face up to theirs. We washed her up real good after leaving that exhibit!!

What a wonderful family night out! I think we'll go again next year on $1 night because the kids had a blast!